Friday, October 22, 2010

Aloriah: Coverage Started

I started playing Aloriah a few weeks back. It is more on the side as my main game is currently Lord of Ultima. It is of a lot smaller scale then Lord of Ultima, so the amount of time for empire maintenance is tremendously less. Thus, it should not detract me from Lord of Ultima much. It is a lot more fun then "grindy". The game seems to be designed to not take a lot of time, but I can see the benefits of checking in a lot, as you can direct your armies better. What I like about it is that it has the concept of game rounds/scenarios which last a few months then reset, so things do not get stale. For the long term, achievement points (and their benefits) carry onto the next game round/scenario.

As best described by the creators of the game:
"Aloriah is a free online web browser game based on mythologies of our time.
Rule a civilization and experience epic events together with thousands of other players.
  • Play for free directly online through your internet browser
  • Expand villages, rally your armies and level your heroes
  • Explore the lands of Aloriah to find its mysteries
  • Journey on legendary quests together with your friends
  • Choose to worship the gods of good or evil"

    Further information can be found at:-

    If you decide to join, please do so via my personal reference link ( so I can get some free Aloriah coins. :)

    Stuff to read to help you get started:
    Forum: (The developers are very active on the forum which is great to see.)
    Guide: Ooykaas & Aernoud Strategy Guide (

    I play (as Guzzer) on the Midgard server. At present, I am just playing solo whilst I learn to play properly. However, amidst all the stumbling around, I have managed to be currently ranked at #10 out of 1477 players, so I am pretty happy with that.

    For anyone that joins and needs help, reply here with your question(s) or send me a "Chat" in-game.


    1. Hello Guzzer!

      Found your blog through our forum in Aloriah. I must say I really enjoy reading this and I hope there will be some more posts from the new game round!

      Good luck in Aloriah, perhaps our paths will cross some day ;)

    2. Great, glad you like it. Yep, there will be many posts about Aloriah going forward. :)