Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aloriah: Midgard Progress Update #2.22

I am pushing out the Aloriah updates out to fortnightly, as given most things are known by now, there is not enough content to fill weekly updates.

There was not a reward for 35k scenario points as it has now gone to 10k jumps. Got one for 40k.

I finally used this greater dragon scroll which I got several weeks ago. It gives more scenario points then before, but I still do not think it's worth the 12 hours it takes to use.

Between the Mother Dragon weekly self damage and multiple attacks (only major attacks shown), the Mother Dragon is now up in the air again. We welcome her landing soon for the last phase.
You may noticed that Azumi and I left the alliance on a temporary basis for solo attacks. We are pretty busy in real life at present, and do not have time for joint alliance attacks. Solo attacks are better anyhow as:
  • The Mother Dragon negative wrath effect for alliances is too punishing.
  • It is a lot less hassle.

The only reason I see for a joint alliance attack is to preserve a feeling of team. We have done several attacks as a full alliance but it has taken its toll, and few of us have the time to spare any more.

As for new epics/plans/unit upgrades, my luck has not been good, and there has not been anything new gotten. This is in spite of me having several armies out there farming. I have not bid big in the auction house as I have used most of my money for research/unit retraining.

  • Aloriah is an online web browser based strategy game. More information can be found at my Aloriah Coverage page.
  • If you wish to jump straight in, you can sign up at
  • As best described by the creators of the game:
    "Aloriah is a free online web browser game based on mythologies of our time.
    Rule a civilization and experience epic events together with thousands of other players.
    • Play for free directly online through your internet browser
    • Expand villages, rally your armies and level your heroes
    • Explore the lands of Aloriah to find its mysteries
    • Journey on legendary quests together with your friends
    • Choose to worship the gods of good or evil"


  1. You should check out WarFlow. (

  2. Yeah, I am, not sure I like it yet though.

  3. In my experience, team cohesion has been seriously dwindling in most online strategies I play. Which bums me out as that's just the kind of player I am (rare i know). Haven't tried this one but like the dude above said WarFlow is kind of addicting. Even though it's supposed to be a team-based strategy it still suffers from the lack of team cohesion (what doesn't i guess). People do their own thing. It's the nature of OSGs I suppose.