Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aloriah: Midgard Progress Update #2.23

Life goes on, getting close to the 50k mark now!

Now that this round is pretty much won, and we are getting to the end soon, I have started to focus on achievements. As you can see from the "Realm Ranking", I am the first to achieve such.

 The Mother Dragon has landed for the last time. The full list of available epics has now been revealed.

 As we push to the end, everyone (whether big or small) has been trying to get an attack in: 

  • Aloriah is an online web browser based strategy game. More information can be found at my Aloriah Coverage page.
  • If you wish to jump straight in, you can sign up at
  • As best described by the creators of the game:
    "Aloriah is a free online web browser game based on mythologies of our time.
    Rule a civilization and experience epic events together with thousands of other players.
    • Play for free directly online through your internet browser
    • Expand villages, rally your armies and level your heroes
    • Explore the lands of Aloriah to find its mysteries
    • Journey on legendary quests together with your friends
    • Choose to worship the gods of good or evil"

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