Friday, November 26, 2010

Lord of Ultima: Mage/Frigate Naval Military City Layout

- This design is courtesy of Cfrs, a member of my alliance.

This is a Mage/Frigate Naval Military City Layout which you can see in the LoU Flash City Planner

Max Units: 160,000 mages and 360 frigates
Recruitment Speed: 8s mages and 35m:5s frigates
Storage: 1,575,000 wood/iron, 775,000 stone, 3,175,000 food
Food Consumption: 40,833 per hour (need to restock every 3.24 days)

In the end game, you will need to build naval military cities for cross-continent attacks. There are simply too many continents for you to invade.

As per my Food Management strategy, there is no food production in this type of castle as you want to maximize your TS (troop strength). Give you have to build supporting defense for naval castles, you want the biggest bang for your buck, and have to rely on shipping food in.

You may notice there are 9 cottages remaining. This castle will get counterattacked by your enemies and will take damage at times, so you want to be able to repair it in a timely fashion. If you do have construction speed research, you could consider dropping some cottages for more barracks or some food production.

For towers, I use:
  • Lookout Tower x2 to give 21 hours of attack advanced warning. I find 1 tower/11 hours is not enough.
  • Ballista Tower x22 definitely, to protect against naval counterattacks.
  • Lord of Ultima is an online web browser based strategy game. More information can be found at my Lord of Ultima Coverage page.
  • If you wish to jump straight in, you can sign up at
  • As best described by the creators of the game:
    "Lord of Ultima is EA’s first game in the free Strategy MMO genre and is completely playable in a web browser. Developed by EA’s Phenomic studio, the game’s creator Volker Wertich (the genius behind strategy classics such as the Settlers) takes this genre to the next level. Lord of Ultima features deep strategic gameplay and multiple social features including an advanced trading system, alliance features, online chat, and forums. At launch it will be available in English and German language.

    Set in the legendary Ultima universe, the game takes you to the new world of Caledonia, formed from the remains of Sosaria which was shattered into countless islands. You start your journey with a humble village which you grow over time into a mighty and prosperous capital. On your path to glory you will have to expand your power by creating additional cities, exploring new continents and forging a vast empire. You must master the art of diplomacy and trade as well as the military activities of spying, plundering, attacking and sieging enemy cities to finally become the mighty and feared Lord of Ultima."

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